Wednesday, June 16, 2010

i love rock 'n roll! so put another dime in the jukebox baby!

And then like 75 more cents cause i'd like to hear at least one song, thanks!
You can't do shit with a dime these days.

I do remember when we were kids the parents would take us to shakeys pizza (BEST PIZZA EVER) And we would watch silent films and play 'another one bites the dust' over and over on the jukebox and it was 10 cents a song. (my dad told us what that ment...another one bites the dust...and we thought it was so awesome)
10 cents. Whatever...I can't even remember the last time I had a dime. I remember seeing one, I vacuumed it up. Waste of space. Q says "ten of those makes a dollar Molly." Yeah, um I know. Fucking 10 OF THEM. the only coin I save from Mr. Dyson is the all mighty quarter. Pick up your change people!

But that's not the point I'm trying to make here.

I do love me some rock 'n roll. I especially love me the rock band gods of the 80's.....BON JOVI.
Bon Jovi literally changed my life. The moment I heard living' on a prayer I was hooked and hooked good. Time stood still and the gates of hairbands and rock gods opened for young Molly. I couldn't get enough! I bought 2 of every magazine (metal edge!) and poster that was Bon Jovi.(one mag to cut pictures out of and hang on wall, one to keep. One poster to hang, one to keep) My room was a floor to ceiling homage to the god jbj. My dad saw it once...swore words I never heard before and never came back into my room again because "there's so many eyes....watching me. Oh and Molly you have to get dressed in the bathroom now." (This is where I get my paranoia of pics with eyes that follow me QUINT. crazy my ass.)

One year Richie Sambora went on a solo tour and I got to meet him. Lucky for me he had the drummer Tico Torres and the keyboardest David Bryan from Bon Jovi with him, so I really lucked out. But its not like meeting Jbj and I just wasn't satisfied.(it was boring.)

At a Skid Row concert I asked Sebastian Bach the lead singer how Jon Bon Jovi was. He replied "how the Fuck should I know?" I asked the bass player for aerosmith if Jbj was around and he said "you do know he's not in this band right?" I was convinced they all knew each other and someone would give me word on his well being.

I bought a star in the sky and named it after him. I couldn't find it in the sky (whatever that constalation shit is confusing! Hippys!) so I pretended it was the moon and asked it to help me meet Jbj. I used every birthday wish, fallin eyelashes wish, necklace claspy thing in front wish and dandylion wish on asking please please please give me a chance to meet the beautiful Jon Bon Jovi. I am a member of the fan club (backstage with Bon Jovi! It's run by his mom!) and wrote numerous letters asking him to come to my school, my house or even just call me so he knew I existed. Nothing. Nada.

The years ticked by.

Which brings me to the Have a Nice Day tour of 2005.

Goddamn it.

In 2005 I turned 30. I was still nuthouse crazy about them and had spend a good night or 1,000 wasted on vodka or captain, blasting Bon Jovi ballads and singing them at the top of my lungs (this usually happens at 2am on weekdays and q has to get up at 5:30. Needless to say he HATES Bon Jovi) my friend Nicole is just as crazy. (well maybe not. She doesn't have the Bon Jovi coat or belt buckle but she says that's because she "isn't fucking retarded.")

Anyhow, we got our tickets for bon jovi early at presale (fan club bitches!) and had awesome seats on the side of the stage.(After as many arena concerts as I've been too I've come to realize floor seats suck unless your up front.) Day of show we decided to get our preconcert drink on at a little ole bar called the Mecca.

Now. If you have ever been to this bar you know your shit is not gonna walk straight lines or be able to form coherent sentences after about 2 drinks (It is the dirtiest, loudest most kickass bar on queen anne and Fuck you if you don't like it.) After about drink 5 we decided it was time to "fuckin rock!" (I yelled this then fell off my stool and nicole laughed so hard she cryed and then yelled at me for ruining her make-up.) And walked (stumbled) the block to the key arena.

On the way our liquid courage really started to kick in. We decided I was gonna meet Jbj no matter what it took and if it came to it, she would bail me out of jail. Promise.( at that we hugged and got teary eyed cause she's such a good friend and I love her soooooo much and we will always be bffs and bon jovi rules! Gooooooo vodka!)

We got there just as bon jovi went on. Perfect! Song after song we sang and sang and hugged and laughed. About half way through however nicole came to a dead halt looked at me and yelled "I don't feel so good."

"What do you mean?" I asked dancing (really badly according to the lady next to me. She was a b-I-t-c-h.) and rocking along.
"I mean I don't fucking feel good and I need to leave and get some medicine." She said.
"oh!"I said "sounds good! hurry back!"

Thing is, there's no reentry in these places. But somehow, believe it or not, she did leave, went to the store, got medicine (she had heart burn) and somehow got back in. At that I was convinced she was the most badass person around and by far the most clever so when Jon Bon Jovi decided to walk around the floor seated area slapping hands with the lucky assholes below, (me and my fucking theroy on floor seats) she said "you just have to run down the stairs and jump the fence....oh and don't let the security guards get you." I thought....yep that's it. And ran for it.

Liquid courage still going strong, I knocked over people left and right and basically fell down the 35 flights of stairs to the fence. I launched myself at it, hit it very very hard, and threw myself over. As soon as I landed the security came for me."grab her she jumped the fence!" And I ran at Jbj like I was possessed.
"Jon! Jon! Its me Molly!" I screamed as I waved my arms like crazy. I got about 10 ft (!) From him when I got holyshit tackled from a guard that I somehow didn't notice standing right in front of me.(go mecca!) I fell to the ground hard. "ow Goddamm it let me go!" I screamed. I was helpless as the guard held me there when my beloved Jon looked down at me and WALKED ON BY.

"Jon?" I whispered as he kept walking. He never turned around. As the guard helped me to my feet I was stunned silent and didn't bother to fight back as he pulled me away.
"I can't believe he didn't help me up. Or even say hi." I said. I have worshipped this fucking man for 20+ yrs! The guard laughed and patted my arm. "seriously lady that was hilarious. How old are you anyhow? You shouldn't be doing that shit." We got to the fence I jumped (fell over) and he loosened the grip on my arm and gave me a smile."you seem tame enough now. Go on back to your seat."

Big mistake bitch.

"Ya right!" I yelled and turned for my man. Like id give up that easy! How old was I? 30 mother fucker and peace out! Ha! This was my chance and no one was going to stop me!

No one but myself that is and I fell a mere 2 feet away hitting my chin hard as shit on the ground.

The guard laughed, pulled me up and said "you just got yourself thrown out!" And dragged me for the door.
"But my friend and my shit are still at my seat!" I said as I grabbed at anything I could to stop from being thrown out. (I accidentally grabbed this whores shirt and almost got in a fight but that's another story)
"Not my problem." He said as he shoved me outside. He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out some change.
"Here." He said handing it to me."call someone who cares."

It was a whole woppin 10 cents.

I threw it back at him.

Goddamm it and Fuck him.

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