Sunday, June 20, 2010

3 things that pissed me off yesterday.

1. Parents that give their small children cotton candy then yell at them repeatedly for acting like cracked out monkeys. Wtf did they expect? its straight up sugar.(oh and especially at a baseball game where they have only this small place to geek out. I watched this poor kid shake like an epileptic and blow this fucking whistle over and over for like 20 minutes. His mom kept SCREAMING "brandon calm down! I swear to god you better!" Poor kid. STUPID LADY.)

2. People who can't talk on a cell phone and drive at the same time. You idiots. How is it even possible? It's not like your doing long division....your holding a small thing to your ear. Can you honestly not talk and drive at the same time? Because you are so stupid, now there is a LAW against it. Funny how drinking hot coffee or putting on make-up or having a SCREAMING baby or a FUCKING TV in your car is a ok. I hate you.

3. People who buy dogs and then get pissed off and give them to the pound because they
A. Bark
B. Grow
C. Need attention
D. Exist
E. Destroy shit (dogs chew and dig...who doesn't know that. YOU HAVE TO TRAIN YOUR DOG. IT'S NOT A NEW CONCEPT.)
F. Acts like its breed and not a different one. Do some fucking reserch first. Pitbulls are not labs. Golden retrievers are not Chihuahuas. Get a book and LEARN TO READ.
G. Gets pregnant.
These people should not get a dog. Everyone knows that. So why do they? Because THEY ARE STUPID.


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