Friday, February 8, 2013

These pictures are: Alabama's new scar, and my sweet little doped up girl. She's a tough cookie. So glad she is home.
While Alabama was in surgery Joey and I took a Tour de Bremerton.
Earlier today Alabamas surgeon called. He said this:

"Alabama is out of surgery and doing wonderfully. Someone is looking out for this little one, that was one smooth surgery. The acl was torn completly off but surprisingly no other damage was done and I finished quickly. She is a lucky girl and I think she's got an angel on her shoulder."

Thanks Dad.

Well and thanks to the doc too haha.
Today my baby girl Alabama is getting her acl replaced. I, of course, am a giant ball of anxiety and fear and am sad that she is gonna get upset when I leave her there. Alabama ran into the vet tail wagging and jumped onto the receptionist. "I want to stay with her till surgery." I said "she is a needy little girl I don't want her to think I'm abandoning her. is that ok?" "of course!" she said "just let me get her catheter started and you can sit with her." she took Alabamas leash and Alabama ran off with her without looking back, smiling from ear to ear tail wagging.

I don't think she's the one with the problem.
A boy and his welder.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Brian and I bought Alabama this dolly for her surgery. I usually leave my jacket with her so she has something of mamas but Brian wanted something from all of us. The first night Brian used it as a pillow, the me and now Joey. Look how cute Joey is. Brian says he will buy Joey his own tomorrow. I love my family.