Friday, February 1, 2013

I don't get why when people see a man with his kids or hugging it or whatever they say "what a good dad! That's so awesome." it's his job to do that. He is supposed to do that. They are HIS children. Or the tattooed pics where a dude is holding a baby and it's all "like if this guy is a good dad tattoos and all!" it's called modeling people I doubt that baby is his or if it is he doesn't know it. Anyway I see moms all the time with tattoos or whatever doing everyday mom stuff for the kids whole life and all people do is pick apart what she ISN'T doing. Just because a dude has a cape on in the store with his kid doesn't mean he's a good dad probably means he's fucking crazy. I agree, men that take care of their own children deserve a pat on the back but like I said IT'S THIER JOB.

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