Thursday, December 29, 2011

Safeway chronicles Part 7

There was no comet on the shelf so I sayz to the Safeway worker standing next to me "excuse me do you know if there is anymore comet in the back. I need that shit." Like a fucking crackhead. She looked at me and said "do you have to go potty?" I said "what now?" (It was weird cause I did have to go) "Um yeah I guess I do but no, um, I need some comet. Can you see if they have any in the back?" She shook her head while saying "I'll buy you a big boy potty." Me, being used to crazy Safeway people said "ok well, a. I'm a girl. Recognise. And b. Wtf. I need some comet lady. Let's go ." She covered her ear looked at me and said "I'm on the phone bitch and I don't fucking work here." I just stared at her, shocked. "But your wearing red...." I said in disbelief. "It's Christmas you Dumbass." She said and walked away. While I watched her walk away I yelled "na ah......Christmas was yesterday!" And a little boy next to me said "no it wasn't. It was two days ago." I looked at the kid and said "oh shut up." And his mom said "excuse me? " while holding a can of comet in her hand. "Hey can I have that?" I asked and she grabbed her kids hand and ran off.

Fucking Safeway.