Saturday, December 18, 2010

its 3 you know where your friend molly is?

I'm sitting in an empty bathtub
Staring at the wall.
I cannot sleep
I won't tonight
But this is not my fault.
You see my brain controls this ride
And tonight it won't shut off.
I've asked her more than 20 times
And she replays this thought....
Do you hear that?
Wake up Molly.
No you can't ignore it.
Focus on its annoyingness
I won't let you give up on it!
Go ahead count qs snores!
It's funny when he chokes.
Calm down now, no you may not
Punch him in the throat.
Wait what's that?
The guinea pigs.
What the fuck are they doing?
Sounds like piggy jumping jacks.
God I hope that they're not screwing.
Do you hear chimes?
So do I.
Why are they so loud?
Oh yeah that's right,
One pane windows.
They let in every sound.
And the cold.
Oh god the bill
To heat this place will suck.
Hey let's stress on money!
Now were having fun!
Hold on Molly
Let's go and get
The great the one the only!
The super radical fun guy!
Mr. Holy shit anxiety!
Your wide awake now arnt you?
Boy your heart is beating fast!
Get up and walk it off now
Just remember it won't last.
But until its gone I'm sorry
But your gonna have to wait
And think of every thought you've thunk
From 1975 till yesterday.
Your gonna have to rehash
All the good the bad the ugly.
Stay up till 5 and wonder why
Anxiety can't be funny.