Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's been all hot and shit so I've been walking the dogs before work. It's all good in the morning except for the early bird ass old people in my neighborhood. they all wanna talk and say hi and ask about the dogs or where I live or the weather or fucking 300000000 other things. I just want to walk. I don't want to talk to anyone. Or have a discussion about whether or not pitbulls are murdering devil dogs from hell.(FYI I own two of them. I obviously like them.)

So anyway, last night q and I got in this huge fight over his use of the word 'certain' or 'certainly'. I was de-cluttering our fucking house when he kept trying to keep everything that was total and complete crap. We were already on the way to a fight when my nitpicking kicked in.

"I am most certain I want that." Q said when I picked up a nail cluster covered in gum.
"Tough shit. It's garbage."
"It most certainly isn't."
"Um...yeah it is. These nails are covered in gum."
"I'm not so certain that's gum."
"Oh yeah? What is it then?"
"I'm not certain but that doesn't make it garbage."
"Yeah the fuck it does."
"It most certainly does not."
"Why the fuck do you keep saying certain?"
"I'm not saying certain."
"Yeah the fuck you are. It's hella annoying."
"You are most certainly the annoying one."
"Stop it."
"Stop what? This is ridiculous. These are my things. I am certain I should be able to deside if they are garbage or not."
"Um...I don't actually care. WHY THE FUCK DO YOU KEEP SAYING CERTAIN."
"Why do you nitpick everything? So I said certain who cares?"
"Me. Fuck. You said it like 5,000 times. Get a thesaurus or some shit."
"If there's one thing I am certain of its that your being a bitch."
"Oh yeah? Are ya CERTAIN ABOUT THAT?"
"Yes. I most certainly am."

So I stayed up all night drinking busch light (with lemon) and plotting quints demise. I didn't get to bed till like 4 am and when my alarm aka quint slamming the door woke me up at 6:30 I was in a less than plesant mood.

"Awesome. Another hot fucking day. Let's do this dogs." And we went out for our walk.

I got bombarded this morning. Everyone wanted to talk about Obama cause I guess he's coming to visit Seattle or some shit.
"Are you gonna watch his speech?"
"Do you wk in Seattle? That traffics gonna be awful!"
"In my day we raised the flag for our president."
"does Jim down the road have his flag up?"
"You know Obama's got a dog right?"

By the time I was done with my half hour walk I was sweating busch light (with lemon) and I was so dehydrated I couldn't talk anymore. I downed water till my voice came back and forgetting we were in a fight I called q to tell him of my morning.

"Oh my god babe'" I said. "it was so annoying. The early birds just wouldn't shut up today! I was going crazy! It was so fucking frustrating!"

"CERTAINLY sounds like it." Q said and hung up.

Well looks like he can kiss his precious gum nails goodbye.

Oh and his favorite kangol hat.


Friday, August 13, 2010

It's august 22 so I know my time outside being warm is limited. Especially since its currently fucking raining. I can't tell you how amazing it is in Washington when its sunny. You have to live here or be from here to understand it. its never too hot, or super muggy or bad air quality. It's just sunny and beautiful. There's shitloads of mountains and water and Rad shit everywhere you look. it makes you forgive ole Washington for being rainy for 8 months. Straight. In a row. Every fucking year.

Honestly the rain is getting harder the older I get to take. I try, I give myself peptalks and buy a rad raincoat but it gets to ya. Cause when it rains here, are asses and fucking sacked in with clouds. None of that "oh shoot. A storm is coming. Dang it its going to rain." It's more like "there's gonna be 3 hrs of no rain this afternoon folks. Get out and enjoy it while you can." Wtf. Where do you want me to go? In my flooded ass backyard and just stand there thankful for no rain for a couple hrs? I know that shit is coming back. And it's still fucking wet everywhere. And mother fucking cold. Not the freezing temperature shit but that to the bone damp kind of cold. No thanks l'll just stay inside. Fuck that.

Fucking twilight. Making this place look so good even I forgot. I said yeah I wanna go to forks. And I tryed really hard to see the beauty in it and it ended up just pissing me off. That town sucks balls. On Facebook there was this thing where you could 'like' or be 'a fan' of or whatever and it said "I knew about the town of forks before twilight." Who cares. And who did know? I saw a shitload of my friends 'like' it. What I gotta say is good for you, your a hick. Why are you bragging about it? Like your cool cause twilight didn't teach you shit. No one cares. Forks sucks. There is nothing there but trees, some twilight stores, and a resturant with some really mean old ladies in it. Really mean. And they all shit talk twilight.....even though without it that town would be a goner.

Anyway Twilight rules so shut it haters. No, I'm not a teenager or retarded (my dad said you'd have to be reatrded to love vampires. They eat people.) I am a normal lady who thinks its rad. Not to mention that Robert Pattinson is so, so, so pretty. Mommy likey. He is the coolest thing since bon jovi or flea control medicine. He makes me smile everyday. I love him. I can't help it.

I can't wait for the new movies to come out. I get so excited. I have to control myself though cause during the second movie 'New Moon' I accidentally got kicked out.

I got too drunk before the movie. Fuck it. The goddamn thing didn't start till midnight. Why the fuck is that ever a good idea? Oh and here, the theater is across the street from a fucking brewery. My friends were all like "yeah let's like totally meet at Silvercity and get some drinks first!" Sounds good! So I did! And they kept buying me shots! And the beer is strong! And I had 2 fucking hours to wait! it was bound to happen.

Thing is we also snuck in some whiskey. Now I know what your going to say but I don't care. I enjoy having a drink with my movie. We bought some pops and went to the bathroom to make some drinky poos.

Tiffany was all like "pee now so you don't have to go during the movie." Ha. I literally didn't get 15 minutes into the thing. We took our seats as the previews started and I just started to babble.

"Wow its really crowded in here. Tif, look at that girls hair. What is that person eating? I hope they don't eat it the whole movie. Oh I love this song!(sing song loud with wrong words. Giggle uncontrollably) Tif, you wanna go to that movie? Oh hey I....."

"HEY LADY SHUT UP." Said some dude from somewhere in the crowd.

"He means you Molly." Tiffany said starting to laugh.
"Whatever I said. It's just the previews." And I just kept talking. The movie started and I didn't stop."oh this is #3 on the new sound track! I got it last week. I bet Robbys coming up soon. I can't wait! I'm so excited! OH MY GOD THERE HE IS! TEAM EDWARD!"

"SHUT UP I'M SERIOUS!" yelled some obviously team Jacob fan.
"Calm down." I said "chill out." I took a large sip of my drink and then got a tap on the shoulder.

"Ma'am. Can you come with me for a moment."
And I turned around to face a 15 yr old theater worker.
"Who me?" I said looking at the girl.
"Yes ma'am. I need to talk with you out in the hall."
I sat there shocked and said "why?"
"There has been several complaints about you....I really don't want to get into this here. Can you come with me please?" She said guesturing to leave.
"I guess." I sighed and got up to follow.
We got into the hall where an offical looking 17yr old was waiting.
"Good evening ma'am. Im sorry but there have been some noise complaints about you. I'm afraid if it continues we'll have to ask you to leave." He said and smiled at me.
"Your joking." I said starting to laugh.
"No ma'am I'm quite serious. And also here at the kitsap mall theaters we do not choose "teams" or sides. This is a neutral place. We ask ,in order to keep this from escalating even further, that you not yell out your choice." And he nodded at the other girl.

I looked from one to the other and said "for what to escalate? I didn't do anything."

"No but this woman was very upset about you yelling 'team Edward' and was concerned for her young daughter who was obviously team Jacob." And he crossed his arms and glared at me.

I couldn't speak at first cause no way he just said that. No way that lady was that much of a phsyco! That is fucking awesome!

Finally I said "fine. I'll be good can I sit down now?" and I sighed loudly.

The manager child guy said "yes but if we have anymore complaints in the next 15 minutes, you'll be asked to leave." And he smiled a bigger smile at me this time.
"Gotcha." I said and smiled right back at him.

I sat down and told tiffany the whole story."we should leave then Molly. I don't think you can do it." She said.
"Fuck that!" I said "I can totally do this! Watch I'll show you." And I turned towards the screen right as Jacob came onto it.

"Boo!" I said "I hate the Indian guys!" And everyone turned to look at me.

Tiffany spit her drink everywhere and grabbed my arm."its ok." She said loudly."we're leaving." and yanked me up.
"Wait!" I said bending down and reached under the seat."I almost forgot my whiskey!" And I grabbed my cup and started to leave.

The lady next to us said "thank goodness!" And a couple people clapped. I handed my cup to a man sitting with like 10 teenagers said "you may need this" and we left.

I agree it was probably the best idea. The next morning when we came back to hopefully actually see the movie, I was so hung over and tired I couldn't even stand the smell of the popcorn. I stood against the wall breathing only through my mouth waiting for tiffany to use the bathroom when an official looking 17 yr old approached me.
"Oh good your back." He said smiling a huge grin.
"Ah yep." I said. Did I know this guy?
"That's great" he said still smiling ear to ear."let's try to behave ourselves this time shall we?" And he dropped his smile.

I turned bright red as it dawned on me who he was. I blushed, lowered my head and said "yes sir."

Like some creepy evil villain he stared right at me and said "well let's just hope so. Do enjoy your movie." And he turned and walked away.

Asshole. I thought as I concentrated hard on not puking.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I shouldn't be aloud to nap. It does the complete opposite of what I want it to do. It does not refresh me or make me feel better or put me in a better mood. I always wake up sick to my stomach, grumpy and tireder. No wonder babies cry when they wake up. Naps suck. I'm gonna start crying too. But mainly cause I slept in a pile of cat vomit and didn't realize it till I woke, which I only woke cause the dog was shoving me to try and get to it to eat it. I hate animals.

And there is this GODDAMN FLY WHO NEEDS TO CHILL THE FUCK OUT buzzing around my room with such urgency he's giving me anxiety. No wonder everyone hates you flies. You really need to change how you sound. It's so fucking loud. Well that and that maggot thing is fucking gross. How bout trying to not have worms as babies. Your so stupid.

I hate my neighbors weekwacker and someone needs to tell him NOT TO MOW ROCKS. What the fuck is he doing out there? Every 4 seconds the mower stops cause it sounds like a small boulder got stuck in the blades. Then he starts it back up and it happens again. For like a half hour this has been going on. Who mows rocks? Oh and hay fucker, figure it the fuck out and stop Jesus christ. Obviously this isn't working. Fucking moron. I actually hate you.

This old lady was walking by my front yard yesterday while I was killing a tree and she stopped and said "that tree is probably older than you. What a shame to destroy it. I've seen it everyday on my walk for years." I sighed picked up my axe and said "I don't care. I hate old things." And started hacking away. My two pitbulls started jumping and barking like maniacs on the screen door and I screamed while hacking "shut up Killer! Get down off the screen Capt. Hate! Bad dogs! You break down that door again and I swear I'll kick your ass this time!" And the little old lady gasped and, I guess her version of quickly, walked away. I smiled to myself cause of course my dogs were just trying to get out to say hi but I wanted miss snoopy bad breath outta here. Mind your own beeswax missy! That tree was really stupid anyway.

My parents were never friends with our neighbors when we were kids. In truth I have to wonder if this is because they had "5 shitty kids and a fuckload of pets" as my dad said was the reason or because they just hate people. I'm starting to think its the second since when I talked to my dad yesterday he said "my fucking neighbor came over and asked for some sugar. What year is this? There are literally stores everywhere. I told him we've none to spare and that I saw some at safeway yesterday. I then put the dogs in the front yard so noone else would stop by. I'm having the doorbell removed." he added later that "someone said hello to me when I went to the mailbox. Jesus Christ can't I get a moments peace?"

The neighborhood my parents live in is super stupid. It's got one of those things where ya gotta pay fees and follow their rules. My dad tryed to paint the house once and the homeowners president came by and told my dad he didn't approve the color through them. My dad said "its brown. It was brown before. Are you saying I actually have to ask YOU what color I can paint MY house? Are you fucking kidding me?" So because she had the nerve to say something my dad left the house half painted for a yr. The board members would gather near the house and talk quietly shaking their heads. My dad would just go outside and turn on the sprinklers..which were aimed at the street.

Another time he had a load of beauty bark in his truck and he had parked the truck in the grass so it was closer to where he was spreading it. The members left a nice note on the windsheild explaining no vehicle could be parked in ones lawn. So my dad took out the battery, left a note saying "tough shit its broke." And it stayed there through the summer. The five of us kids used it as a jungle gym. Ahhhh what a sight.

Speaking of beauty bark my father has this on going war with his yard. Especially the little hill in the lawn. He buys tons of rocks and beauty bark each year and slowly takes away more grass each time. He says the grass doesn't grow because of the trees keeping out the light and they keep throwing their needles and pine cones on it. Each year more grass has been removed and more rocks have been added. I think he just looked for excuses not to be inside with his family. Maybe I think this because he used to say "I'm going outside to work in the yard. I can't stand you people." I wonder.

My dad also spent a fait amount of time at the dump. And for some reason he always made us go. It sucked. Half of us were in the back of the truck with the garbage while the other half sat up front with dad and his huge white dog Mitzi. She always got the window seat and she would hang her head out and drool and coat anyone in back who sat on that side. I got plastered once and yelled "I need a napkin! Mitzi drooled on me!" To which my dad yelled back "its only spit! Her mouth is cleaner than yours stop complaining!"

It smelled horrible at the dump. My dad would set us free while he unloaded the truck yelling at us not to eat anything (Seriously.) And to keep an eye on his dog. That dog sucked about listening and my dad kept her on a rope that burned like a mother fucker. She would throw all her weight into her run (she was very, very fat) and the rope would slip through your hands causing such pain that you had to let go. I wonder what it must of looked like to other people. Just a fun family day at the dump. 5 kids chasing down a giant fat dog as their dad yells swear words at them and calls them useless. Yay!

But fear not people for we kids were not stupid. See we knew the dairy queen was out by the dump and if there is one thing my dad can't resist, its sweets.

We would drop suttle hints here and there to plant the idea of dairy queen in his head."smells like ice cream." One might say taking a wiff.(bad idea if still at dump...this had to be timed right or you could vomit from inhailing rotten fumes.) "Mitzi looks hot she could use some ice cream." Or "dad what's your favorite ice cream flavor?" Or "dad can we have dairy queen?" If he wasn't paying attention. It always worked. We always got some. It was hard work but hey, nothings free.
I went to publish a story and it said "your post has been successfully deleted!" Fuck you! I do all this shit on my now cracked ass screen phone and it takes forever and then....delete. fucking computers! Little or big they piss me off. My husband says its because I'm mad they are smarter than me. Well he's gonna be mad I'm more vindictive than him cause I put salt on his pb and j sandwich i made him this morning. Alot. Like I covered the peanut butter till it was white and I left a sticky note in it that said "love Molly."


As much as I try to be a good wifey and friend I always turn out the bad guy in the end. When my husband proposed I was such a Dick he left the resturant. IT WASN'T MY FAULT. He showed up on Valentine's Day at my house with a suit on and some flowers. I had just got off work and was so hung over I could barely stand up. He said "I made reservations. Would you like to change?" I got all pissed and yelled "OH YOU'D LIKE THAT WOULDN'T YOU? WHAT I'M NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU?" Fear crossed his face and he scrambled to calm me down."no no" he said "you look fine." And we left. He in a suit. Me in torn jeans and a flannel covered in bleach spots. Oh and according to quint I smelled slightly of vomit.

Anyhow as soon as we walked into the resturant I knew I was gonna hurl. All I could think of was eggs with chicken baby parts in um and rare beef bleeding onto my plate. But I tryed hard to fight the urge, after all, I'm a lady.

We sat down and q ordered a bottle of wine. Ok. A. Fuck that shit this lady drinks beer. And B. This lady was too Hung over to even smell it. But I'm a trooper so I plugged my nose and downed the first glass.

"Oh." Quint said."well that's one way to drink it." And he swirled his and downed his glass too.

Surprisingly, it made me feel better. We started to chat and I could see q lighten up. We ordered our food and he grabbed my hand and said "close your eyes."

"Why? are you going to hit me?" I said. Now see when I was a kid if one of my brothers or sisters said close your eyes...you were gonna open them to a butthole in your face or a snake being hurled at you. Fuck close your eyes.

Q just stared at me and after a moment said "ah...no I have a present for you." And blushed.

Rad. i love presents.

I did as I was told and I held out my hand. He put a small figure in it and i felt it over and over and said "is it a small statue of a dog?" (One track mind.)

"Just open your eyes." Q said and i could tell he was smiling.

I did and in my hand was a blue heart shaped box with a pink bow on top. Gay.

"What the fuck is this?" I said and opened it up.

Inside was a beautiful ring with stones all the way around it.

I looked up and quint and I said "what's this for?"

Quint looked at me, slowly got up, and left.

Um. I watched him go out the door and I said "hello? What's happening?"

The waiter came over totally annoyed and said "looks like he was proposing." And basically threw my food at me.


I sat there for like a half hour and decided I actually was a little hungry so I started to eat. But mainly I was scared shitless cause um, I didn't have my wallet and q had literally still not come back.

The waiter came back annoyed said "anything else?" And I whispered "no thanks." And he threw down the check.

I sat there wondering when to rum for it when q came back in tie undone, jacket off and super angry. I smiled and said "thank god. I don't have any money."


I looked around and everyone was staring at me. I stood up, grabbed the ring box and said "sorry." In a little voice and gave him a hug. He stood perfectly still and said "wait for me outside." And he went to pay. As I walked out people we shaking their heads at me and mumbling "she's a bitch" as I made my way for the door.
We got in the car and I said "I really am sorry. I didnt know you were gonna ask me." And I took the ring out and said "will you marry me?" And I handed it to him. Q shook his head smiled and said "of course I will molly." And he took the ring and put it on my finger.

I looked up at my fiance and said "it doesn't fit." And I opened the car door and threw up.

Monday, August 9, 2010

When q isn't here I pretty much slack on the upkeep of the house work. I spend my evenings drinking a lot of beer blasting Bon Jovi or nada surf or something fucking Rad and I walk around in my pjs all damn day yo. He's gone a lot so.......its a good time.

I usually try to clean right before he leaves and then the day before he comes back. But the days in between I have my own system and it works just fine. I got all sick and shit this last time he was gone so i hadn't cleaned before he got back. I had washed some laundry and I knew what was clean and dirty and i told him which pile was which, but when I just went to do the laundry I noticed some dirty socks in the clean pile.

"Have you been throwing dirty clothes in this pile?" I asked picking up one of his gross sewer socks.

"Dunno." Q said watching the game.
"Well can ya check cause I can't tell what's clean or dirty." I said.
Q rolled his eyes and said "just smell um." And went back to his game.
What am I a bloodhound?
"Gross. Fuck no." I said.
"why is it gross?" Q said sounding offended.
Um need I explain?
"What do you mean?" I asked showing him a pair if his undies." What if these are dirty?"
"So what if they are? I'm your husband." Quint said straight up hurt.
I stood there staring at him not understanding."what the fuck does it matter who you are?" I said. "In case you haven't noticed these are underwear. I am not going to stick my face into these and smell to check to see if they are clean. Your butthole rubs on these quint. I am well aware that your my husband but your shit still smells like shit and there is not fucking way! Fuck it. I'll just rewash everything!" And I threw the whole lot in a hamper and turned for the laundry room.

Q jumped up and grabbed the hamper and reached inside. He pulled out his undies shoved them to his face and said "wow. Those are really dirty. Now was that so hard?"

No comment.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I woke up at 5:30 am with so much anxiety I wanted to scream. It may have something to do with the nightmare I was having which was of me and quint fighting and I couldn't get my phone to work to give him a piece of my mind. When I woke i was pissed at him so I shoved him hard and he said "I know you had a bad dream about me honey, you yelled FUCK YOU QUINT in your sleep. But for the 100th time that was A DREAM please don't take it out on me."


So I throw the dogs, cat and collection of raw hide bones the dogs hide in my bed to the floor so I could actually get out of bed and start to pace. Unlike a lot of people when I stress have anxiety or get depressed, I can't eat. It makes me gag. The smell of food sets me off. I want to read, but I finished my book last night and need to get a new one. But target isnt open yet and oh that's right I'M FUCKING BROKE.

The real reason for my anxiety. In this last week I have had a lot of super fun exciting things happen! (Sarcasm folks) I got the last of my hospital bills for my liam removal yesterday. This one is 1700$. Yay. Also got the bill for my husbands lawyer whom he hired to fight his x in court for two yrs to stop her from relocating with their son, and when she did finally move, she came back 3 months later and we now owe a lawyer 6000$. Yayer. On Thursday I got a call from a collection agency that my husband never paid some bill and they needed money ASAP to avoid court."its only 320$ now to keep it from going to court then 320$ two more times before the end of Sept." The guy said. Yippy! On Tuesday I got pulled over for speeding cause my dog Alabama was barking at this guy on a motorcycle as he followed us so i was trying to get away from him and i swear to god he made every weave and bob in traffic i did the asshole so I tryed to out run him and got popped. Apparently that isn't a good enough reason for going 85 in a 60. The police officer was nice enough to at least write that i was only going 65 so the ticket was for only 93$. Oh and he laughed so hard the whole time at my reason for speeding that he said i made his day. Oh yeah make mine and rip this the fuck up would ya? This bitch can learn from just a warning thanks. Dick. On Monday I broke my phone cause it was in my pocket when I went to sit in my car and it dropped 12 inches onto gravel and shattered the screen. Wtf? I have dropped this phone down flights of stairs, had it chewed on by a dog, been 2 yr old boy who screams mine tested, and dropped in the tub. But a low fall from a foot up? Apparently the deal breaker. And this phone is my life, my work and my escape. Oh and of course I waved the insurance when i bought it cause "oh I dont need that". It's like I forget who I am sometimes. I am the girl who walks a straight line and falls down. Sober. Poor phone. Never stood a chance. On Friday q told me he needs a new radiator, and on Wednesday I got a call from a client who is moving so she will no longer be requiring my services. She's my 400$ a month job. Yippy skippy!

I need a beer. Anyone wanna join me?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

i think its august 7th?

Anyhow I have decided to start writing here daily and also writing my stories. It keeps me on it more and honestly people I love it so the more the better for me.

I will start by telling you of my exciting adventure on the bremerton-Seattle ferry this morning.(insert sarcasm and fist clenching here.)

I sat down in this little closed off area hoping to be alone. A ferry worker walked by and stopped when he saw me.
"This is the handicap seating ma'am." he said staring at me.
"And?" i said staring up at him.
"And as you look like you have no disability and there are hundreds of other seats on this boat I would ask that you please find another seat."
"And i would ask," I said in my best holier than thou voice "that you stop assuming things and be on your way. havent you someone else to bother?" and i smiled smuggly to myself.
He turned red, shook his head and walked away. Hahahahahaha. I hate ferry workers. They just love to boss ya around. They act like your are bothering them when you drive aboard. They wave their arms all annoyed like and get pissed when you acidentaly leave on your lights while driving on. When you order a beer that they have to pour they act like you are asking for one of their lungs, and that you want it removed on the spot. I know for a fact they make a shit ton of money and all they are are glorifiyed parking attendents and cashiers. Plus, i know that legally he cant ask me what my dissability is, so he can just fuck right the fuck off. Well, I mean its not like i have one, but seriously the disabled have the best seats and its not like i wouldnt move if one climbed, or wheeled or whatever aboard.

Stoked that i wasnt going to be harassed any further, i got out my book to start to read. I got all of two lines read when some swaying obviously drunk asshole staggered in and sat down right next to me, while the other 4 people boarded the boat. Maybe im exaggerating, there may have been only 2 others. Wtf. This boat was seriously empty. I sighed. Its 7:20am i thought. He's already wasted. Awesome. I gathered my things spoke under my breath in only swear words about people this people that, and got up to move.

"Are you going to the cafeteria?" The asshole that sat next to me asked.
I shook my head while I rolled my eyes. (Oh and thought....what the fuck does that matter?)
"Can I come with you then?" A-hole asked.
"Come with me where?" I said looking around like I was crazy.
"To the cafeteria." A-hole said.
I just stood there staring. What was happening?
"I fancy coffee and a donut this morning." A-hole said smiling."thank you." And he stood up next to me.
I couldn't stop staring because I was honestly so fucking confused. Did I know this dude? I mean, let's be honest, I enjoy drinking in some pretty interesting establishments and quite possibly this murdererish looking man could of been in one once and we spoke and by the time i woke up the next morning, i had no memory of it. But I know for a fact I wasn't in one last night and even if i was, I highly doubted I promised someone breakfast. And on a ferry of all places. Where everything is marked up 600%.

"i um...." i said slowly backing away "i um....i was going to the restroom."
"oh good." he said. " i have to go to." and he started to follow me with his hand held out in front of him like he wanted me to take it.

Allrighty then.

Now we have a problem.

My murderer radar was in full effect and i was starting to panic. I have been wrong before, but i was pretty sure this dude was a MAN not a WOMAN and he wasn't dressed in drag of any kind so.....unless I was missing something this was really really unexceptable.

My fear started to turn into full on anger. I started to get really pissed. I should be aloud to be on a ferry and not be harrassed by these fucking people! Just because i am a woman does not mean that I have to live my life in fear of this shit!

"fuck off asshole!" i shouted. "What are you a pervert?" and he recoiled in disgust.

"Ahhhh....." he stammered. "Ahhhhh no ma'am. Its just that the ferry worker said you would help me if i needed it, i have misplaced my cane....... I'm blind."

of course he was.

I just stood and stared at the guy.

I heard someone laugh and I looked to my right and there was the ferry worker smiling like the cheshire cat.