Monday, August 9, 2010

When q isn't here I pretty much slack on the upkeep of the house work. I spend my evenings drinking a lot of beer blasting Bon Jovi or nada surf or something fucking Rad and I walk around in my pjs all damn day yo. He's gone a lot so.......its a good time.

I usually try to clean right before he leaves and then the day before he comes back. But the days in between I have my own system and it works just fine. I got all sick and shit this last time he was gone so i hadn't cleaned before he got back. I had washed some laundry and I knew what was clean and dirty and i told him which pile was which, but when I just went to do the laundry I noticed some dirty socks in the clean pile.

"Have you been throwing dirty clothes in this pile?" I asked picking up one of his gross sewer socks.

"Dunno." Q said watching the game.
"Well can ya check cause I can't tell what's clean or dirty." I said.
Q rolled his eyes and said "just smell um." And went back to his game.
What am I a bloodhound?
"Gross. Fuck no." I said.
"why is it gross?" Q said sounding offended.
Um need I explain?
"What do you mean?" I asked showing him a pair if his undies." What if these are dirty?"
"So what if they are? I'm your husband." Quint said straight up hurt.
I stood there staring at him not understanding."what the fuck does it matter who you are?" I said. "In case you haven't noticed these are underwear. I am not going to stick my face into these and smell to check to see if they are clean. Your butthole rubs on these quint. I am well aware that your my husband but your shit still smells like shit and there is not fucking way! Fuck it. I'll just rewash everything!" And I threw the whole lot in a hamper and turned for the laundry room.

Q jumped up and grabbed the hamper and reached inside. He pulled out his undies shoved them to his face and said "wow. Those are really dirty. Now was that so hard?"

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