Sunday, August 8, 2010


I woke up at 5:30 am with so much anxiety I wanted to scream. It may have something to do with the nightmare I was having which was of me and quint fighting and I couldn't get my phone to work to give him a piece of my mind. When I woke i was pissed at him so I shoved him hard and he said "I know you had a bad dream about me honey, you yelled FUCK YOU QUINT in your sleep. But for the 100th time that was A DREAM please don't take it out on me."


So I throw the dogs, cat and collection of raw hide bones the dogs hide in my bed to the floor so I could actually get out of bed and start to pace. Unlike a lot of people when I stress have anxiety or get depressed, I can't eat. It makes me gag. The smell of food sets me off. I want to read, but I finished my book last night and need to get a new one. But target isnt open yet and oh that's right I'M FUCKING BROKE.

The real reason for my anxiety. In this last week I have had a lot of super fun exciting things happen! (Sarcasm folks) I got the last of my hospital bills for my liam removal yesterday. This one is 1700$. Yay. Also got the bill for my husbands lawyer whom he hired to fight his x in court for two yrs to stop her from relocating with their son, and when she did finally move, she came back 3 months later and we now owe a lawyer 6000$. Yayer. On Thursday I got a call from a collection agency that my husband never paid some bill and they needed money ASAP to avoid court."its only 320$ now to keep it from going to court then 320$ two more times before the end of Sept." The guy said. Yippy! On Tuesday I got pulled over for speeding cause my dog Alabama was barking at this guy on a motorcycle as he followed us so i was trying to get away from him and i swear to god he made every weave and bob in traffic i did the asshole so I tryed to out run him and got popped. Apparently that isn't a good enough reason for going 85 in a 60. The police officer was nice enough to at least write that i was only going 65 so the ticket was for only 93$. Oh and he laughed so hard the whole time at my reason for speeding that he said i made his day. Oh yeah make mine and rip this the fuck up would ya? This bitch can learn from just a warning thanks. Dick. On Monday I broke my phone cause it was in my pocket when I went to sit in my car and it dropped 12 inches onto gravel and shattered the screen. Wtf? I have dropped this phone down flights of stairs, had it chewed on by a dog, been 2 yr old boy who screams mine tested, and dropped in the tub. But a low fall from a foot up? Apparently the deal breaker. And this phone is my life, my work and my escape. Oh and of course I waved the insurance when i bought it cause "oh I dont need that". It's like I forget who I am sometimes. I am the girl who walks a straight line and falls down. Sober. Poor phone. Never stood a chance. On Friday q told me he needs a new radiator, and on Wednesday I got a call from a client who is moving so she will no longer be requiring my services. She's my 400$ a month job. Yippy skippy!

I need a beer. Anyone wanna join me?


  1. Molly,
    Girl been there done that. Anxiety is wraps his (yep a male, ain't nobody pissed me off more than a male) arms around me like we are lovers, when really all i wanted was a one night stand.