Friday, August 13, 2010

It's august 22 so I know my time outside being warm is limited. Especially since its currently fucking raining. I can't tell you how amazing it is in Washington when its sunny. You have to live here or be from here to understand it. its never too hot, or super muggy or bad air quality. It's just sunny and beautiful. There's shitloads of mountains and water and Rad shit everywhere you look. it makes you forgive ole Washington for being rainy for 8 months. Straight. In a row. Every fucking year.

Honestly the rain is getting harder the older I get to take. I try, I give myself peptalks and buy a rad raincoat but it gets to ya. Cause when it rains here, are asses and fucking sacked in with clouds. None of that "oh shoot. A storm is coming. Dang it its going to rain." It's more like "there's gonna be 3 hrs of no rain this afternoon folks. Get out and enjoy it while you can." Wtf. Where do you want me to go? In my flooded ass backyard and just stand there thankful for no rain for a couple hrs? I know that shit is coming back. And it's still fucking wet everywhere. And mother fucking cold. Not the freezing temperature shit but that to the bone damp kind of cold. No thanks l'll just stay inside. Fuck that.

Fucking twilight. Making this place look so good even I forgot. I said yeah I wanna go to forks. And I tryed really hard to see the beauty in it and it ended up just pissing me off. That town sucks balls. On Facebook there was this thing where you could 'like' or be 'a fan' of or whatever and it said "I knew about the town of forks before twilight." Who cares. And who did know? I saw a shitload of my friends 'like' it. What I gotta say is good for you, your a hick. Why are you bragging about it? Like your cool cause twilight didn't teach you shit. No one cares. Forks sucks. There is nothing there but trees, some twilight stores, and a resturant with some really mean old ladies in it. Really mean. And they all shit talk twilight.....even though without it that town would be a goner.

Anyway Twilight rules so shut it haters. No, I'm not a teenager or retarded (my dad said you'd have to be reatrded to love vampires. They eat people.) I am a normal lady who thinks its rad. Not to mention that Robert Pattinson is so, so, so pretty. Mommy likey. He is the coolest thing since bon jovi or flea control medicine. He makes me smile everyday. I love him. I can't help it.

I can't wait for the new movies to come out. I get so excited. I have to control myself though cause during the second movie 'New Moon' I accidentally got kicked out.

I got too drunk before the movie. Fuck it. The goddamn thing didn't start till midnight. Why the fuck is that ever a good idea? Oh and here, the theater is across the street from a fucking brewery. My friends were all like "yeah let's like totally meet at Silvercity and get some drinks first!" Sounds good! So I did! And they kept buying me shots! And the beer is strong! And I had 2 fucking hours to wait! it was bound to happen.

Thing is we also snuck in some whiskey. Now I know what your going to say but I don't care. I enjoy having a drink with my movie. We bought some pops and went to the bathroom to make some drinky poos.

Tiffany was all like "pee now so you don't have to go during the movie." Ha. I literally didn't get 15 minutes into the thing. We took our seats as the previews started and I just started to babble.

"Wow its really crowded in here. Tif, look at that girls hair. What is that person eating? I hope they don't eat it the whole movie. Oh I love this song!(sing song loud with wrong words. Giggle uncontrollably) Tif, you wanna go to that movie? Oh hey I....."

"HEY LADY SHUT UP." Said some dude from somewhere in the crowd.

"He means you Molly." Tiffany said starting to laugh.
"Whatever I said. It's just the previews." And I just kept talking. The movie started and I didn't stop."oh this is #3 on the new sound track! I got it last week. I bet Robbys coming up soon. I can't wait! I'm so excited! OH MY GOD THERE HE IS! TEAM EDWARD!"

"SHUT UP I'M SERIOUS!" yelled some obviously team Jacob fan.
"Calm down." I said "chill out." I took a large sip of my drink and then got a tap on the shoulder.

"Ma'am. Can you come with me for a moment."
And I turned around to face a 15 yr old theater worker.
"Who me?" I said looking at the girl.
"Yes ma'am. I need to talk with you out in the hall."
I sat there shocked and said "why?"
"There has been several complaints about you....I really don't want to get into this here. Can you come with me please?" She said guesturing to leave.
"I guess." I sighed and got up to follow.
We got into the hall where an offical looking 17yr old was waiting.
"Good evening ma'am. Im sorry but there have been some noise complaints about you. I'm afraid if it continues we'll have to ask you to leave." He said and smiled at me.
"Your joking." I said starting to laugh.
"No ma'am I'm quite serious. And also here at the kitsap mall theaters we do not choose "teams" or sides. This is a neutral place. We ask ,in order to keep this from escalating even further, that you not yell out your choice." And he nodded at the other girl.

I looked from one to the other and said "for what to escalate? I didn't do anything."

"No but this woman was very upset about you yelling 'team Edward' and was concerned for her young daughter who was obviously team Jacob." And he crossed his arms and glared at me.

I couldn't speak at first cause no way he just said that. No way that lady was that much of a phsyco! That is fucking awesome!

Finally I said "fine. I'll be good can I sit down now?" and I sighed loudly.

The manager child guy said "yes but if we have anymore complaints in the next 15 minutes, you'll be asked to leave." And he smiled a bigger smile at me this time.
"Gotcha." I said and smiled right back at him.

I sat down and told tiffany the whole story."we should leave then Molly. I don't think you can do it." She said.
"Fuck that!" I said "I can totally do this! Watch I'll show you." And I turned towards the screen right as Jacob came onto it.

"Boo!" I said "I hate the Indian guys!" And everyone turned to look at me.

Tiffany spit her drink everywhere and grabbed my arm."its ok." She said loudly."we're leaving." and yanked me up.
"Wait!" I said bending down and reached under the seat."I almost forgot my whiskey!" And I grabbed my cup and started to leave.

The lady next to us said "thank goodness!" And a couple people clapped. I handed my cup to a man sitting with like 10 teenagers said "you may need this" and we left.

I agree it was probably the best idea. The next morning when we came back to hopefully actually see the movie, I was so hung over and tired I couldn't even stand the smell of the popcorn. I stood against the wall breathing only through my mouth waiting for tiffany to use the bathroom when an official looking 17 yr old approached me.
"Oh good your back." He said smiling a huge grin.
"Ah yep." I said. Did I know this guy?
"That's great" he said still smiling ear to ear."let's try to behave ourselves this time shall we?" And he dropped his smile.

I turned bright red as it dawned on me who he was. I blushed, lowered my head and said "yes sir."

Like some creepy evil villain he stared right at me and said "well let's just hope so. Do enjoy your movie." And he turned and walked away.

Asshole. I thought as I concentrated hard on not puking.

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