Saturday, August 7, 2010

i think its august 7th?

Anyhow I have decided to start writing here daily and also writing my stories. It keeps me on it more and honestly people I love it so the more the better for me.

I will start by telling you of my exciting adventure on the bremerton-Seattle ferry this morning.(insert sarcasm and fist clenching here.)

I sat down in this little closed off area hoping to be alone. A ferry worker walked by and stopped when he saw me.
"This is the handicap seating ma'am." he said staring at me.
"And?" i said staring up at him.
"And as you look like you have no disability and there are hundreds of other seats on this boat I would ask that you please find another seat."
"And i would ask," I said in my best holier than thou voice "that you stop assuming things and be on your way. havent you someone else to bother?" and i smiled smuggly to myself.
He turned red, shook his head and walked away. Hahahahahaha. I hate ferry workers. They just love to boss ya around. They act like your are bothering them when you drive aboard. They wave their arms all annoyed like and get pissed when you acidentaly leave on your lights while driving on. When you order a beer that they have to pour they act like you are asking for one of their lungs, and that you want it removed on the spot. I know for a fact they make a shit ton of money and all they are are glorifiyed parking attendents and cashiers. Plus, i know that legally he cant ask me what my dissability is, so he can just fuck right the fuck off. Well, I mean its not like i have one, but seriously the disabled have the best seats and its not like i wouldnt move if one climbed, or wheeled or whatever aboard.

Stoked that i wasnt going to be harassed any further, i got out my book to start to read. I got all of two lines read when some swaying obviously drunk asshole staggered in and sat down right next to me, while the other 4 people boarded the boat. Maybe im exaggerating, there may have been only 2 others. Wtf. This boat was seriously empty. I sighed. Its 7:20am i thought. He's already wasted. Awesome. I gathered my things spoke under my breath in only swear words about people this people that, and got up to move.

"Are you going to the cafeteria?" The asshole that sat next to me asked.
I shook my head while I rolled my eyes. (Oh and thought....what the fuck does that matter?)
"Can I come with you then?" A-hole asked.
"Come with me where?" I said looking around like I was crazy.
"To the cafeteria." A-hole said.
I just stood there staring. What was happening?
"I fancy coffee and a donut this morning." A-hole said smiling."thank you." And he stood up next to me.
I couldn't stop staring because I was honestly so fucking confused. Did I know this dude? I mean, let's be honest, I enjoy drinking in some pretty interesting establishments and quite possibly this murdererish looking man could of been in one once and we spoke and by the time i woke up the next morning, i had no memory of it. But I know for a fact I wasn't in one last night and even if i was, I highly doubted I promised someone breakfast. And on a ferry of all places. Where everything is marked up 600%.

"i um...." i said slowly backing away "i um....i was going to the restroom."
"oh good." he said. " i have to go to." and he started to follow me with his hand held out in front of him like he wanted me to take it.

Allrighty then.

Now we have a problem.

My murderer radar was in full effect and i was starting to panic. I have been wrong before, but i was pretty sure this dude was a MAN not a WOMAN and he wasn't dressed in drag of any kind so.....unless I was missing something this was really really unexceptable.

My fear started to turn into full on anger. I started to get really pissed. I should be aloud to be on a ferry and not be harrassed by these fucking people! Just because i am a woman does not mean that I have to live my life in fear of this shit!

"fuck off asshole!" i shouted. "What are you a pervert?" and he recoiled in disgust.

"Ahhhh....." he stammered. "Ahhhhh no ma'am. Its just that the ferry worker said you would help me if i needed it, i have misplaced my cane....... I'm blind."

of course he was.

I just stood and stared at the guy.

I heard someone laugh and I looked to my right and there was the ferry worker smiling like the cheshire cat.


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