Monday, June 14, 2010

from bremerton with love

5 yrs ago somehow, somewhere my husband Quint and I found ourselves in a position to buy a house. It was, by far, the most exciting thing I could think of because finally I was gonna be able to do what I want when I wanted and noone could do shit about it because it would be MINE. No rules about dogs, or paint colors, or deposits, or loud music (I cannot and willnot listen to my music on anything but LOUD). Little did I know house buying is probably the WORST thing you can do with your significant other. I grew to resent Quint with each passing house and day. I didn't mean to but Jesus Christ that man is picky. I hate shopping. I hate browsing. Quint on the other hand wants to shop until he finds the best one at the lowest price. I find what I want and buy it. I don't even try it on in the store. I want out of there. If it doesn't fit, I'll return it or just find a way to tweek it so it does.
This is how I house shopped. By the end of the day I loved whatever house we were currently looking at or one from that day just so I wouldn't have to look at another house ever the Fuck again. But no."I don't like the front." He'd say. Or "its boring." Or "it has no personality." favorite "no." When we never even got out of the car.
Thing is, he was right each time but I have no patience and I hate having so many options. It's just confusing. And what if I pick the wrong one?
But turns out going through all that crap payed off. One day q came home with a picture of a house in Bremerton and said "what about this one?" And the instant I saw it I knew.
It was perfect. Everything we wanted combined and perfect for our doggies. In the town we wanted..not too far from our jobs and in a 'hip' area. I was sold. I was so happy I forgot how annoying the house buying process was and when discussing how we would "gut the whole house and save money doing it ourselves" I actually was excited about it. BOY WAS I WRONG.
We almost got in a fist fight over what to rip down or out, couldnt agree on colors, floors, curtains, furniture,appliances, door knobs, kitchen hardware or cabinets and almost got a divorce over hanging drywall. And let me tell you for light fixtures is fucking hell. I hate lowes and home depot now and just driving buy them puts me in a bad mood.(Ive thrown so many fits in them they probably hate me too.)
And here we sit 5 yrs later only half way done with our remodeling and if we want to stay married I think its gonna have to stay that way.

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