Wednesday, June 23, 2010

happy day

Can't talk
Got dogs to walk
And they won't let me wait.
Thing is, picking up shit be the best part of my day.

I woke up late
With a huge headache
And forgot to dry my clothes.
So I had to wear Quintys things
And forgot a belt around the shorts.

My pants fell down in safeway
And a man said "do it again!"
Ran out of gas on the way to work
And while going home did it AGAIN.

I got bit by a dog
And like 20 mosquitos
I fell and hit my head.
I broke my phone
I ate old food
And found dog puke in my bed.
(Did I sleep with that?)

I lost 50$
It blew out the window
While speeding down the highway.
I cleaned for 6 hours
Homeowner came home
Said "No no! Now redo it my way!"

So now I'm home
And the dogs are HYPED
and I really do have to go.
And I cannot wait
To go to sleep
In my gross, dirty, puke ass home.
(On the couch. Fucking dogs.)

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