Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Starting Over

We've all heard the same story. The story of the cheating lying husband and the wife who stays. We have all had that friend that we want to say "open your fucking eyes!" too. We cant believe she thinks so little of herself and stands by this man. We have all sat in shock while listening to stories of her dealing with shit she swore she never would but then say she is doing so in the name of love and marriage. We shake our heads and say that will never be us and we would never stand for it. We all know a woman like this. I just never thought that woman would be me.

But it is, or I should say it was. I am sorry to everyone who used to read this blog for my absence and then my attempts to start back up that failed. I should of been writing the whole time, it would of been therapeutic, but I was too angry to write anything but the f word and to bash people. I wanted to write things in a better way. But at any rate I wrote in diaries and on Facebook and I remember it all so I am gonna basically relive it now on here to heal and well get it the fuck outta me for once and for all. Not all of it is only my story to tell but my side of it is. So I'm on it.

Again I apologize to everyone but I will update this daily even I it's just a pic of my dogs hahaha thanks for being there

Xo Molly

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