Sunday, January 20, 2013

I like taking baths. I get so cold and a shower just doesn't warm me. I need to be submerged in hot water simmering away like a fine tasting Molly soup. My dogs usually come in for a visit, biting at the bubbles (from the soap not my farts) as they marvel at how I can enjoy this adventure. (My hope is they will see that bath time does not need to be similar to wrestling alligators).

Anyway today Brian came in instead with a simple request. "may I use the bathroom real quick?" He asked looking pretty uncomfortable. I nodded and Brian said "can ya close the shower door though babe I don't want you staring at me while I poop."


I told him to get the mother f out of here and wait till I'm done for that kind of nonsense. Why the hell would that be ok?!?!? Boys. So so gross. bath time ruined, straight up, I took extra long getting out just to make him suffer and prairie dog.

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