Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 1, 2013

In an effort to start over, I chose today to begin. It seemed appropriate and gave me a goal to set. In my absence I have grownup, i have lost my whole world, I've hit rock bottom and found precious love and found a joy of life again in the presence of pain. I have a story to tell and a want to write it. I am going to write everyday and regain the passion I have for it and feel the joy it gives me again because this is what I am. A writer.

I've never been a very serious person, I enjoy having fun and joking around and j live everyday to have fun. but over the last couple years, serious is what i have been dealing with. It is a difficult hurdle to master for the young at heart. I had to try over and over again to even get up to it to see exactly how scary it was gonna be to conquer. But I did it. I knocked the hurdle over a couple times trying and I even banged myself up a bit on my struggle to get it right. But I'm here on the other side now and I'm looking back at that hurdle in a different light. Im not looking back in pain or anger or frustration or sadness or grief anymore. I'm looking back at it as a part of my life and writing about it now so that it can shape into a memory worth having and telling and remembering.

Life is serious because it's real. Otherwise it's supposed to be enjoyed and shared and lived. Honor yourself, take care of yourself, and then have some fun. On that note I am off to walk my dogs. The sun is out and he's begging me to play. He's a bully really.

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