Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dangerously Cheesy

I hid in the women's locker room at my workout club and finished off a family sized bag of Cheetos and a frapaccino when a elderly women came in to change. I hid the evidence in my backpack and looked at my bright orange hands and laughed, cause well, it was funny. I went to the sink and started to wash them as my trusty sidekick, my beloved phone, started to slip out of my pocket. I hurried instead of stoping it and accidentally sped up its decent as it sprung loose from my pocket and started to fall. I screamed and bent down quickly to catch Phoney as I bashed my face against the counter, fell backwards on my ass from the pain, and sat there seeing stars. The woman came running in saw me and said "you ok?!" I nodded holding my eye and she turned toward the sink. She walked over to it in lunges (yes lunges) and turned off the water. She did a couple squats, looked at the sink for a sec and said "what happened? What's with the orange? Looks like you were getting friendly with a oompa loompa in here." and started to belly laugh as she bent down to pick up my phone. She turned toward me did a couple lunges and held out my phone. "this your phone?" and did a couple squats. I nodded and took it from her and she said "any excuse to exercise right?" and smiled as she stretched towards the ceiling. I smiled back and nodded, squeaked out a thank you and watched her lunge away with the occasional squat and toe touch for good measure.

Oh did I tell you? She was completely naked.

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