Thursday, July 1, 2010

this is what happens when i watch fraiser.

Ah the life.
Does it get any better than this?

I hate not having a computer. I do all of my writing here on my phone. My eyeballs are screaming at me. My thumbs are tired of doing all the work and I keep pressing the wrong button and deleting different things, like say all my contacts.

But the price of everything adds up and when I get my bills each month I am horrified by all the shit I have to pay for. Cable, lights, heat, phones, gas, cars, insurance, house, food, credit cards, dogs.

But I gotta. And when I hear I may have to pay one more for a service I'm already paying for on my phone I just can't do it (and quint won't let me anyhow.)

So I need an excape other than my beautiful writing.(haha). Well I mean besides drinking. Oh or my dogs. Or my vampires. Or my music. Or...fuck it I just want to go on fucking vacation.

I want to go to Hawaii and lay in the sun on the beach for 7 days and not worry about a god damn thing except should I drink vodka or rum tonight? Q is on bored. He is ready to "fucking go right now!" so I am trying to save the cash yo. But I tell you...its just not that easy. Things, expensive things, keep happening and well, I happen to love trinkets.

I cannot be stopped and I must be. I have to give myself little goals to avoid the loot stores. If I go a week with no purchases I can get one little thing the next week. That has never worked. I have trinketmania. Every counter, window sill, table, any open surface really, is covered with my loot. My things. My pretties.

I love them. Besides my dogs they are the only things in my will. Seriously. Because I'm loser and I have nothing. Yay!

Plus whoever gets my dogs is gonna be pissed because they have all these rules ya gotta follow, and well all my loot is either owls, dogs, yeah that's pretty much it.

I know what I want when my parents get on outta here. This painting of a murderer walking down a cracked sidewalk that reminds me of Illinois (BACK OFF ALLI), and the grandfather clock.

I love that grandfather clock. It is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Every 15 minutes it sounds off letting you know that one more hour of your life is almost over and you have done nothing bit sit on your ass wasting away being a loser. Or, oh, I'm sorry, I mean it sings a pretty song and....oh who the fuck cares.

I need a fucking vacation.

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