Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hiya papaya!

Got a couple messages in my absence. The first was a message asking if i was dead and if so could I let them know. Um...I thought that was weird cause how would I answer if I was so I wrote back telling him "yes. I am. Please in liu of flowers send money." Lets see how that works out.

I have to also respond to the message from Mr. Or Mrs."anoymous". Why yes, you fucking pussy, I do kiss my mother with this mouth (and yours too bitch). Thanks for asking. Oh and in regards to the alcoholic accusation.....sounds to me like your just a bit jealous mate. Your probably a recovering alcoholic so you find it your duty to go around judging others. Your just pissed cause at 10am I had a bloody Mary and a taco. Guess what? I plan on drinking 6 beers at least today.(with lemon). Last night I had 2 glasses of whiskey and 4 beers and laughed my ass of for hours. I think your a sore loser and an asshole. Plus I think your a cock sucking douche bag with a fucking exclamation point problem (do you really need one after every sentence? God your stupid.) And you have a bad attitude and i have a feeling you have bad breath too since your so concerned about my mouth.Might wanna get on that. Careful though.....don't wanna have a relapse accidentally swallowing some mouth wash.

Cheers bitch!


  1. Its about damn fucking time, Molly girl where the hell you been hiding my words.

  2. I need to drink beer with you before I'm dead. Someday! (only one exclamation point - I had too)