Friday, May 6, 2011

I hate that for the most part a lot of this is going to be repeats from my facebook account. I know I know I need some new material but I thought I was posting all of this lately because I thought I had set up a thing were I could txt new posts but I guess its broken or some shit. I tried to read on the help page how to fix it but I don’t know what the fuck mms or sms is so fuck it. I’ll make my husband do it when he gets home.

That’s what she said. Hahahahahah


The other day my dad and I got in this fight over whether or not Tracy Chapman is a woman.

I made my weekly call to my dad. Actually, i talk to him more than that. Sometimes everyday. I mean mainly its txting but about once a week he calls me and leaves threatening phone calls that if i dont return he goes into the negative land where he assumes something awful has happened and he threatens to call the cops and says he will just start planning my funeral if he doesnt hear from me. Im tellin ya.

It was a polite enough conversation, mainly me asking him how he is, how the dogs, my mom, my gradma is etc. It was when my dad exclaimed “oh I like this song, this guy has a great voice.” That it took a weird turn.

I heard “fast car” by Tracy Chapman playing in the backround and said “what song is that dad? Fast car?”
“Yes.” He said “By that guy…. Tracy something.”

I paused at first because my dad is sorta notorious for calling boys girls and girls boys especially the dogs. I mean he straight up knows his dog Ivy is a girl but he often says things like “Ivy is such a funny girl dog. He just wants to play. Good boy.” So I wasn’t going to say anything until he said, “seems like a strange name for a guy.”

At this point I realized he didn’t know it was a woman. So I told him
“Dad, Tracy Chapman is a woman.”
Then my dad paused. “Whos Tracy Chapman?” he said
Sigh. “The woman singing that song.”
“What song?” he said.
“Dad! The song you like, that fast car one your listening to.”

More pause and then….”the one on now? Don’t be stupid that’s a guy.”

I started laughing cause I just assumed he was kidding. But he didn’t laugh back. So I said “are you serious dad? No Tracy Chapman is definatly a girl.”

My dad said nothing for close to a minute, listening I think, to the song. Then out of nowhere he said,
“you think everyone is a girl. This conversation is over.”

And he hung up on me.

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