Friday, January 28, 2011

i got a computer

I got a computer
Im on my way!
Someday ill be famous
Someday ill be gay!
(as in happy calm down.)
Someday ill be cool
Typing with my latte
Sitting at the starbucks
And pretending im happy.
(as in gay calm down.)
Ill keep up on my emails
When I remember my password
And ill learn what the fuck pdf means
Just like all you I T nerds.
(q said those are computer people)
I cant wait to get started!
Ill go “surfing” everyday
So hang 10 mother fuckers!
Cause mad dog has a shitload to say!

Oh yeah and its mostly misspelled swear words like fuck shit piss cunt bitch asshole douche bag and banerkner. And if you don’t know what the word means look at the context. Dumbass.

Yay. I got a computer.
Thanks jen. xo


  1. i like your nursery rhyme! I'm going to sing it to my nieces before bedtime! they will love it!!!!

  2. Molly, Hooray for your new computer! I love your poem, and I will look forward to the (K.A.)book I know you're gonna write one day!