Saturday, April 2, 2011

bustin out

When I was in 7th grade I got a training bra. I had no boobs. All the girls in my class and the two grades above me did. So I stuffed each side with a few cotton balls. Hey when in Rome and all that shit. Anyhow, one day at p.e. my class was playing basketball against an 8th grade class when one of my "boobs" fell out. The boy who was guarding me had long hair. The boy guarding me was cute. The boy guarding me said something fell out of your shirt. I stood there horrified as he picked up my "boob" and looked at it. It's warm he said. I turned bright red and scrambled for what to say. I told him my sister and I were wrestling that morning and she shoved a handful of cotton balls down my shirt. I must of missed some when I was taking them out. I said. He smiled, handed it to me and said, "its weird she taped them together. And drew a nipple on them."

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